The Magincia Invasion


My dear Magincians, it is with great pride that I gaze upon each of you. You fill my heart with the hope that our once prosperous city will rise again. We are blessed to have among us both Magincian veterans as well as new brothers and sisters. It is with each of you in mind that I set myself to the task of making information about this black time in our island's history available for all to learn about.

Though our island's landscape is currently a desolate and barren plain, devoid of most plant life, it was once described in the following words:

"On the central island between Buccaneers Den and Moonglow, Magincia is a natural target for plunder and magical side-effects. Ironically, it is the latter that tends to reduce the frequency of the former.

Perhaps the best way to describe Magincia is "bright", but perhaps that is too kind. "Gaudy" might be more appropriate. Home to the largest diamond mine in the realm, the residents of Magincia have experience the sensation of too much money. One of the many ways in which they have found to address this problem involves constructing ridiculously ornate buildings. Structurally sound shops will often have additional columns and supports solely to provide additional places in which to inlay gemstones and gold. The street signs are lettered in real silver, while the local watch wear badges that use precious metals to indicate rank."

That was the description outsiders had of our island prior to the daemon invasion. Native Magincians will recall a lush jungle, with vibrant palm and date trees that once gave home to thriving jungle birds. They will recall warm breezes sweeping northward from the docks to kiss the tanned skin of people mingling in the streets. They will recall, also, the beautiful architecture prevalent in each and every building, grand columns, open courtyards, and pools for bathing in. There was no equal to our city's beauty.

Magincia, before the invasion


All of that changed on the dark day that the daemons began to pour forth from our moongate.They came in unimaginable numbers, flooding into our land. At the time, it was unknown where they came from or who sent them. Later, we would learn that they were a prelude to an even greater evil, the Shadowlords.

Our jungle was swarming with daemons. Note the trees are blackened from the constant fires

The following is the official story surrounding the invasion. I will include more images of our island and the battle, as well. I hope that this information will help both new and returning Magincians to understand the tragedy that struck our beloved isle.

- Joanna Weaver, Administrator and Scribe

Official BNN Fiction



Draconi Oct 30 2007 3:17PM


The veils and drapes were ripped aside, pouring daylight into the canopy bed upon which a much disheveled, and suddenly very displeased, mayor had been sleeping. The blinding light lessened, obstructed by a rough shadow, and the voice yelled again.

“Milord, please! Wake thyself, ‘tis urgent!”

The Mayor threw aside his blankets and wools, and grasped at the drapes, pulling himself aright. There had been the party, the long dancing into the night, the wine, the women, “Ah”, he thought, “the…”

“Daemons, milord, in the forest!” the plaintative voice continued, failing to heed the state of the lord of the house. The mayor’s eyes focused, the headache was horrendous, but he composed himself and looked up.

“Daemons? In the forest. Near the moongate?”

“Yes, milord!”

He nodded, looked down at his hands, they seemed very far away from his arms for some reason. The mayor looked up, his knuckles white as his hands clenched into fists on his knees.

“You woke me up, for… daemons?”

The soldier knew the tone, hesitated. “But sir, we’ve never seen them like this…” He was cut off.

“What do we usually, well, do, about daemons in the forest, young Belfry?”

The man’s armor clinked as he shifted uncomfortably. “We destroy them, sir. Or call the mages and dispel them.”

The mayor wasn’t even paying attention now, his hand hovering over his nightstand where an understanding servant had just placed a goblet of mead. He nodded, made an assenting sort of sound, nasal in quality, crystal clear in meaning.

“Mages? Yes, mages seem like a good idea.”

“Sir, we’re concerned that this isn’t ordinary,” but the soldier got no further.

“I said SUMMON SOME MAGES AND STOP WASTING MY TIME!” the mayor jumped up and pushed the spilling goblet against the poor man’s doublet, punctuating his point with each spilled drop.

“Sir! Yes sir!” and he was gone.

The mayor climbed back into bed, another day begun, and mindlessly worked himself back beneath the warm sheets. “Daemons. Unbelievable. What’s next?” he mumbled into a silk pillow.

BNN: Daemons Decimate Magincia Defenses!



Sherry the Mouse Oct 31 2007 7:04PM

A night of revelry amongst a celebrating populace has turned into a nightmare as daemons poured through the forest and into the city in the early hours. Dozens are dead and hundreds are missing in what may be the most incredible assault on Britannian soil since the Ophidian invasion of recent past.

The western forest is aflame and smoke hangs over the entire island, blotting out the lights of ships sailing away from the isle, desperate to escape daemons of every description heaping destruction upon them from the shore.

The docks remain a safe haven for now, and the town populace is racing to evacuate the city even as the local government breaks down. The mayor is missing, council-members rumored to have fled aboard merchant vessels, and the city’s renowned healers and mages were amongst the first to perish in the onslaught.

More information as it becomes available, this is Sherry the Mouse, reporting from Magincia.

BNN: Military Reinforces Magincia! Invasion Strengthens!



Sherry the Mouse Nov 8 2007 3:46PM

Early this morning military vessels anchored off the coast of Magincia, sending desperately needed troops and supplies ashore. The ships, under the authority of Commander Falcon, were dispatched by order of the Royal Council, in response to the unceasing incursion of daemons into the city.

Our moongate, before it was completely corrupted

Townspeople continue to stream through the makeshift barricades and defensive lines in an effort to evacuate to Trinsic. Soldiers and medics have been tending to the devastated citizens, and working diligently with the survivors to bring the situation under control.

The relief station for the wounded

Meanwhile, a large group of volunteers, coming from all walks of life, have taken up arms alongside the kingdom reinforcements. Support is pouring in from across the realm, and though the city’s own militia has all been but wiped out, there is hope that the tide may yet be stemmed.

A blockade was set up to protect the relief station and docks

On this note, however, we must warn our readers that the military has still been unable to assess the continued threat against Magincia. A surge of daemonic activity has nearly overwhelmed the defenders more than once in the last few hours. There are rumors that the Royal Guard may be dispatching a new class of naval units, but to what end this will aid the city, we cannot be certain at time of publish.

Demons wander our city streets, seeking new victims

BNN: Daemons Attack Northern Quarter



Sherry the Mouse Nov 13 2007 2:24PM

The northern quarter of Magincia was flanked today by daemons pouring from the corrupted moongate west of the city. Valiant citizens and militiamen alike are resisting the relentless hordes at the city’s borders, forcing the harried denizens of darkness to seek less direct routes into the city.

Defenses established alongside the docks and western part of the city have held firm so far, and officials hope to improve them over the coming days. The BNN has learned that Lord Francesco of the Royal Treasury is currently petitioning every city in the realm for relief aid and donations.

Meanwhile, mystery surrounds the Magincia moongate – our latest reports from the front lines indicate that the magical portal has undergone significant changes overnight. Its violent shimmering has certainly coincided with an overall increase in the invaders’ vigor and ferocity, but we stress that a direct relationship has yet to be established.

Our moongate, corrupted

The Royal Guard has warned volunteers to stay away from the moongate itself, as they cannot predict what might happen in its currently unstable state. They especially warn to keep magical artifacts and hazardous materials safely out of harm’s way.

BNN: Magincia Repels Invasion!



Draconi Nov 13 2007 2:26PM

Victory cheers rang throughout Magincia today as hundreds of daemons met a swift end at the hands of the city’s militia. The mayor issued a short statement:

"This morning I was apprised of an unexpected and unprovoked invasion of daemons near the moongate. My staff and I immediately surveyed the battlefield, and our excellent field commanders were quick to repel the invasion and defend our city’s borders. A few residents are reporting minor structural damages, but we’re reporting no loss of life. I’m proud of the way our militia handled themselves, and have politely declined offers of assistance from the mainland government. At this time I would like to reiterate that while there may be a few daemons left to hunt down, there is no major, sustained threat to the city. This so-called ‘invasion’ is over."

Magical methods of travel still remain unavailable, however, and the Magincia moongate appears to have ceased functioning altogether. The BNN will be sending Sherry the Mouse, our intrepid field investigator, to the scene tomorrow.

BNN: Magincia Still Not Safe, Mages Warn



Sherry the Mouse Nov 30 2007 4:25PM

The battle for Magincia seems to have reached a stalemate. Most of the city is shattered, and looting has been regrettably prevalent, but the stalwart defenders of the city continue to push back the invading hordes.

However, all is not well, say the leading researchers of the Mage Council.

"The moongates have been warped into a form they were never intended to hold. The etheric disturbance is tremendous, and we fear that it will get worse before it gets better," warns the Mage Council's spokesman.

The Royal Guard has ordered all nonessential personnel off of the island, and is maintaining a minimal force to secure the city.

"Daemons - even big daemons - my men can handle," says Sir Brendan of the Royal Guard, officer in charge of Magincia's defenses. "But once the mages start talking 'unstable planar rift' this and 'etheric resonance crisis' that, I get my people out of the area before they get blown clear off the map."

Bringing you the latest from Magincia, this is Sherry the Mouse, reporting.

More Images From The Battles

Warriors battle a Light Demon, dangerously close to our Basilica



A Light Demon is pursued as it heads to our Basilica



One of our city's most beautiful buildings is destroyed



The signature blaze of a Light Demon, capable of destroying even the strongest of stone walls



 The white pillar of light signaled another explosive blast was imminent. Greedy looters take the time to run about, gathering up the stones of our city before they return to antagonize the demon into more destructive explosions.


 The demon delivers on its promise, further down the street. Looters revel.



More chaos and greed.


Pictures Of Our City Before The Invasion





This platform was an elegant place to gather for speeches and weddings alike.



Our city survived a lesser invasion of undead in years prior.