Magincian Culture

Magincia was once an opulent and decadent city of vast gardens and marble palaces. In 2007, a daemonic horde descended on Magincia, slaughtering most of its citizens and destroying the once beautiful city. Only a handful of survivors escaped the carnage, including the Magnate Isk and Administrator Joanna Weaver. 

As of today, there are only  4 buildings standing on the island.  2 of them belong solely to the Republic of Magincia guild. They are The Basilica and The Cultural Centre. The additional building is a memorial to the late Goodman, founder of Goodman's Rune Library. The last building is the Magincian Parliament building.  The Parliament is currently used by the Republic for a number of different purposes and stands as a testament to what Magincia once was and shall be again.

Magincia also has a storied history of rule.  Prior to it's destruction, Magincia was once the seat of power of the Hand of Humanis guild and served as the centerpiece for this pro-human organization.  Remnants of the Hand of Humanis have become a part of Magincia's rich cultural tapestry, in both form and function.  Relics from the initial rulers of Magincia via the Hand of Humanis can be found at the Basilica of the Magincians.  These relics include Artero's Mask (the first Guildmaster), Dymm's Hat (from the Magincia's first master of the arcane arts) and Hector's Gauntlets (from the first Mayor of Magincia).  These items are openly on display and we invite you all to come see these beautiful links to our past!  Additionally, the original Guildstone of the Hand of Humanis is on display in the Basilica of the Magincians, under the care of Isk, Joanna Weaver and Cuthbert.  Lords Isk and Cuthbert were two of the original five founding members of the Hand of Humanis. 


Current Map of the Isle of Magincia

Buildings of the Republic of Magincia