The Humanis Philosophy

"Humanis" is an In-Game Philosophy that has a long history in  Ultima Online in the Roleplay community of the Atlantic Shard, but is considered by many to have first established a firm foothold in 2001 with the establishment of the "Hand of Humanis" guild.  A link to the website for that now-disbanded guild can be found by clicking HERE.


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 -The Humanis Manifesto-

      There are some truths that are so obvious that for their simplicity they are not seen by most ordinary Sosarians. It takes someone to see a need for change in order for change to occur. Thus humanity wanders Sosaria thinking it knows all there is to know of the world when in reality it is blind to the most basic of worldly principles: The survival of the fittest. Humanis is the path the human race must walk upon to forge eternal peace.

      When the gods created our world, in their divine wisdom they allowed nature to dictate the course of all live on Sosaria. Thus humanity was placed, as so many ancient monuments describe, to bring culture and dominance to a natural world.

      Nature dictates to us that every animal mates with a member of the same species.  The mouse seeks the mouse and never an ettin. If this balance is disrupted then the balance of nature is defied. How tragic it is then that when the minor races came to the land from the trees and rocks upon which they lived they sought the wisdom of humanity and learned our crafts from our ancient elders who were far too giving and unaware what threats this charity will produce.  Our charity reached beyond the teaching of skills but delved into friendship and soon, for the unfortunate, "love".

      This early infatuation persists in many today and has caused a corruption in the purity of our race. Essentially it became a weapon of the minor races to use, we began to think they are the same as us and gave them the opportunities to marry and weed into our culture. And so the corruption became so vast and the determination of the human race became so diminished that Humanis was born. Born to guide humanity back towards the path of it is destined to walk; that being the absolute mastery of the land as the sole race to rule everything beneath the moons, pure in blood and equal amongst ourselves. The realm will look to Magincia as a shining example of this as Humanis takes root once more.  

On the subject of the Racial Scale:

      The minor races use breeding as an instrument to create genocide on the purity of the human race.

      In the example of the half-elf it is evident that the union of a superior human and inferior elf creates a racially weak offspring. Not only is it inferior but it is a walking defiance against nature! Thus any breeding between two beings not at the same racial level produces a medium between the two parents. The unfortunate child will be below his superior parent but will stand higher on the racial scale in comparison to the racially weak parent.

Racial Scale

1.            The Human

The human occupies the top of the racial scale because as a race it is most numerous, has no flaws and has created all that is right in Sosaria form culture to virtue and history.

2.            The Dwarf

The dwarf shadows the human because it is a race of alcoholics. While they have skill at the forging of metals, their dependency on ale and diminished height sets them open for ridicule. Studied dwarven specimens disprove the theory that dwarves are more resistant to pain than humans.  There are few dwarves so their threat is diminished.

3.            The Gargoyle

These horrid-looking beings have the appearance of daemons, their wings and limbs giving them a frightening appearance. The threat of the gargoyles can never be made more blatant: they fly, wield significant magic and are increasingly numerous. Their inability to breed with other races however makes them a controllable group, devoid of the ability to infect our blood purity.

4.            The Elf

In the center lies the elf and all families of elf with the exception of the drow. The elf’s only gift is also its curse. Elves live for centuries if not more. In that time the elf learns at a slow pace. In fact an elf that claims to be 500 years of age would still not know more than an elder human of 70 as humans learn much faster. The weapon of the elf is it’s appearance. With its charms and looks it lures humans to create sin against the gods by breeding with the beasts. The elves are the leading cause of human degeneration!

5.            The Orc

The orc is amidst the lowest race. All orcs are born with a damaged frontal lobe in their brain. This damage causes orcs to be born aggressive. For their history they have done nothing but attack their neighbors or act like sinister buffoons. All orcs think like wolves. It is the strongest not the smartest that is the leader and their language is a botched attempt at the human tongue. Over the past years they have grown small in number and so while they are brutal enough to occupy the lowest ladder of the racial scale, it falls to another.

6.            The Drow

A sub-set of the elf and vile beyond words, the drow is far worse then an elf. It is a liar and a murderer. Born in darkness, it lives to destroy culture and to bring down the Philosophe. It kidnaps human children and kills them to heathen gods just for the warmth of blood. These beasts have no good qualities.


The Philosophe

      The proof of human superiority lies in the Philosophe. A philosophe is an enlightened human that, like the Avatar and Lord British, furthers human dominance and guides us towards the inevitable goal of total mastery of all. As the only contributions to culture have been made by humans, it is the human that is meant to be the ruler of Sosaria under the guidance of a single leader who disperses equality to us all. The Philosophe of today is unknown, he or she does not yet know their potential, we await the coming of the Philosophe so that our race becomes unified.


      Humanis begins in the mind. You have been enlightened, now rise as a human and prove your determination to humanity.


PLEASE NOTE:  While Humanis as an In Game philosophy can be controversial, the members of the Republic of Magincia are in NO WAY racist or bigoted in real life.  This is a GAME, and we roleplay the ideal of Humanis IN GAME in order to stimulate unique and challenging Role Play scenarios.  It is important to remember that as roleplayers, the characters we control In Game need not represent who we are in real life.