How the [M] Guild Ranking System works:

Rankings in the Republic of Magincia are split into two sects:  Civilian and Military.

Lady Joanna Weaver is the Administrator, with control over the Civilian branch, while Lord Cuthbert is the General, with control over the Military branch.  Lord Isk is the Magnate, and exerts control over the entire guild.


Please note that ranking up in EITHER sect requires being active in UO and participating in guild events.  Going above and beyond (i.e. contributing something without being asked, helping someone out, excelling in RP,etc) will lead to more rapid promotions.


Civilian rankings are straightforward and are based on your profession.  When you enter Magincian society you will be awarded a title based on the skill you are providing to the people of Magincia.  For example, should you be a Blacksmith, your incoming title will be "Blacksmith".  As you further your smithy skills and contribute to the island and the guild, you will be rewarded with additional titles.  Those titles, in ascending order, are Renowned, Prestigious, and Magincian Nobility.  So, to take an example in the case of our Blacksmith, the order would be:

  • Blacksmith
  • Renowned Blacksmith
  • Prestigious Blacksmith
  • Magincian Nobility

 That's right - as long as you work hard and contribute to the island and the guild (including but not limited to aiding in non-military RP events, proficiency in PvM, and other acts) you can work yourself into a position as Magincian Nobility!  These civilians are highly influential and respected.


Military rankings are laid out as follows: 

  • Janissary
  • Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Commander (Lt. Commander)
  • Commander
Ranking up in Military status will depend largely on showing that you respect the chain of command (i.e. Janissary listens to Lieutenant, Lieutenant listens to Lieutenant Commander, etc), and proficiency in PvP.  Showing a strong ability to lead will result in faster ranking up.  Please note that "ability to lead" does not mean forcing your views on others or yelling at others.  It means that other guild members trust your judgment and look to you for guidance.


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