Welcome to the Republic of Magincia [M]!


The Republic of Magincia [M] is a Roleplay Guild on the Atlantic Shard of the MMORPG Ultima Online. [M] is a member of the Atlantic Roleplay Community (ARPC).


The Republic was founded by the Magnate Isk and the Administrator Joanna Weaver and is located on the island of Magincia under the Trammel moon.  The guild currently holds ALL public buildings on the island.


The guild is considered "neutral" by alignment standards and focuses first and foremost on RP, especially in regards to the In-Game philosophy of Humanis (see links to the left for more info).  The guild also engages in PvP and PvM.  


The Republic is open to the acceptance of any type of character class, ranging from warrior and mage to fisherman and tinker.  In fact, as we are an actual island city as defined in original UO lore, we heavily encourage craftsmen to apply - a city needs smiths, fisherman, miners and tailors, of course!


In keeping with our In Game philosophies, the Republic is not particularly interested in accepting Dwarves, Elves, Vampires or Gargoyles (see Humanis Philosophy to the left).  However, if you are of a non-human race and wish to join, you may still be able to do so provided you are willing to renounce your non-human nature and commit yourself to the acceptance and advancement of human ideals.